Monday, March 1, 2010

No Longer Promoting Just Jewelry

No longer Promoting Just Jewelry

Hello everyone, I know it's been a while since my last post. I so appreciate all of the followers, friends etc...but I have decided to move on from Just Jewelry.

I found a way to be profitable with the jewelry business WITHOUT having to come out of pocket to sell, and have AWESOME wholesale prices. You can find some of my pieces on eBay for now until my site is complete.

Go To My eBay Store Now ====> More items are being added, and feel free to SUBSCRIBE! :O)

If you are curious about what I'm doing now, please feel free to email me at:


Friday, July 10, 2009

Here It Is! My Second Official Giveaway!

We are too excited about our It Works Ulimate Applicators! Why?

Because they WORK, and they help you lose inches!!

People's lives are changing because of our product. I just went to other fitness sites, and there was one that said you could lose 1.75" in a month! We can lose that AND MORE with just one wrap - in just 45minut
es. You may be a woman/man wanting to decrease the love handles, or get rid of the mommy pooch or the beer belly...that back fat won't go want to get rid of the post-pregnancy weight, you could go without the thunder thighs....and it goes on!

You can use this body wrap on your tummy, thighs, back, chest, or arms! When you lose your inches be sure to share it!! You will also receive via email, instructions and information about the wrap!

Giveaway rules:
You will be entered into a random drawing for everything you do below:

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The winner will be randomly selected and announced on August 15th! (We will use The Hat)

**Further Clarification: To be eligible to win you MUST comment on each action you are doing.
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THANK YOU and good luck!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Just as promised, I have a new giveaway...and as I said before...has nothing to do with jewelry...but it does have to do with looking GREAT.

In the next few days I will be putting out another contest! ONE winner will receiee a FREE Ultimate Applicator Body Wrap!

What does this Body Wrap do? If you are someone looking to lose a few inches, want to get rid of some extra stored fat, post-pregnancy weight...this body wrap will be for you!

You can use this wrap on your tummy, your back, thighs, arms, butt, chest, and we have facial and chin applicators.

Fat Loss Ultimate Applicators
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These wraps are non-invasive, saves you HUNDREDS/THOUSANDS of dollars b/c it's a great alternative to surgery, spot-reducing, NOT WATERWEIGHT loss - it's not a diuretic, easy to use, has a calm soothing effect, and you can wear this overnight!

Stay tuned for the rules of this contest! I will post it in the next couple of days.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Rose Bud Ring Giveaway Winners Announced

Before I post the winners I did a screen shot using 125 comments on to generate random numbers. I picked TWO winners so there will be TWO random numbers.

I apologize for the not-so-clear screenshot. Annnnnnd the winners are...

- Alicia

#98 -

CONGRATULATIONS!! You have BOTH won the Rose Bud Ring!

Here are your next steps:

You will receive an email from me ( to confirm that you have won. The email has the details. You will have no more than 48 hours to claim your prize! If the prize(s) are not claimed, you have forfeited your winning, and I will randomly draw two more numbers!

Visit often....I have more contests brewing...and the next one YOU WILL LOVE....and surprisingly has nothing to do with Jewelry. Teeheee...stay tuned...

First Ring Giveaway Comes To An End

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for taking the time to visit my blog and participate in this contest! The response was overwhelming for my FIRST giveaway.

I am so excited that I have a small surprise.

This contest was to have ONE winner...but because of the response I will be choosing TWO winners!

Stay tuned, I will announce the winners in just a few moments, using

Again thank you all for participating, subscribing, following, and blogging about this. You are all great!

As Always, Putting God first, Family Second, and Business Last

Jewelry Does NOT Define Who We Are

This was sent to me as a devotional from one of my best friends, Monique. She received this from an inspirational minister Sabrina. I thank you both for sharing this. This is importang for all women to know...we sometimes don't make time to understand the little things. This is a great read!

1 Peter 3:3b

Do not let your adornment be merely outward--arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel--"

wearing gold,

The second category of female beauty is jewelry. Women generally love jewelry.

"Wearing" means putting around. This woman wears ornaments. She wraps gold ornaments around her wrists, around her neck, ankles and ears. This is no condemnation of wearing jewelry. The point is a matter of emphasis. Do not place the emphasis on outer beauty but on inner beauty. Jewelry is nothing compared to inner beauty.

Obviously this is not an absolute condemnation of jewelry for look at the next category...

or putting on fine apparel--

The third category Peter addresses is clothing. Even since Adam and Eve went into the clothing business the wardrobe has always been a major piece of female beauty. I wonder if Eve's fig leaves were nicer than Adam's!

Obviously there is no absolute prohibition against wearing jewelry. If we say that is wrong to braid hair or wear jewelry then we have to say that it is wrong to wear clothes!! This is not the point.

Some Christian women put too much emphasis on clothes and jewelry. This is just a manifestation of distortion elsewhere. They don't concentrate on developing inner beauty which is the main issue of this passage.

The point of this verse is a woman can have lovely hair, beautiful jewelry and stunning clothes but if her heart is full of bitterness, criticism and selfishness she is ugly on the inside.


Women who do not have inner beauty will not win their husbands.


Peter's point is to show women not to expect outward beauty to win their husbands. The opposite of cosmos is chaos! Outer beauty will not win the husband. It will help, but this is not the central focus of how to appeal to the husband.

Although beauty helps, it is not at the core of attraction to a husband with any sense. A woman may be beautifully dressed, neatly groomed and yet destroy everything by a bad attitude.

Mutual exclusive attention to outer beauty does not make truly beautiful woman. It is possible to be the most beautiful woman in the world and never attract your husband. Women totally occupied with outer beauty miss the point.

Some women want everyone occupied with their outer beauty. They want people to be enamoured with them. She wonders, "Why isn't everyone looking at me?" Many men are sharp enough to know that physical beauty is not everything.

Beauty is not everything. A man wants beauty on the inside. Physical beauty will only last for a certain period of time. Eventually it will wear off. Her skin will start to wrinkle. Her body gradually will grow old. Even though we grow old physically, we can become more beautiful throughout our life-time. Inner beauty will never age.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Jewelry Prices Are Cheap Therefore Quality Is 'Cheap'

Yes....this is what we hear from ladies either searching for a jewelry company, or those in other jewelry companies when they look at our pieces and see the prices.

This couldn't be further from the truth!

I was with a different jewelry company before Just Jewelry, and the prices were way above the price points that we offer. Their pieces are gorgeous! No doubt. They have different styles of jewelry, but like many jewelry companies, they don't fall under the 'fine' jewelry category.

When people look at our Just Jewelry pieces, they say it's pretty, but you 'get what you pay for' and they make assumptions that the jewelry will break upon first wear, by just looking at it wrong, or the fact that none of our jewelry goes over $32 that is MUST be flimsy.

Dispel the myth!! heeheee

I am speaking on a non-biased standpoint. I am not easy to impress. And I will tell you. The jewelry is GORGEOUS. We have some light pieces, and heavy pieces. We have pieces that can be worn day-to-day, and pieces that even a bride can wear.

We have jewelry that favors someones individual taste, from casual to dressy.

Every customer that I have come in contact with says the same thing - they are SURPRISED at the quality for the prices.

Many EXPECT the pieces to be cheap looking/feeling because they are so affordable.
Are there pieces in our catalog that I don't like? Of course. But we don't all love the same thing. This world would be pretty boring if we all did.

This goes to show, you don't need to have a 'pricey' item to have a beautiful piece of jewelry.
We are talking about fashion jewelry here, not an investment you have taken a loan out to enjoy. LOL

Plus, you can get MORE for your dollars. In other jewelry companies your $100 may get measely necklace. That marked up price is then justified by placing some kind of 'lifetime guarantee' on it - but truth be told...that jewelry breaks just like the same 5 necklaces you paid the same $100 for.

Is it wrong to want expensive jewelry? Nope! But I LOVE fashion. I love accessorizing. And I love to know that my dollar will go further when I place my orders.

Last thing. Perfect example. I have a silver collar necklace from Just Jewelry, and another collar necklace from a very popular jewelry company.
I set them side by side. And immediately, my HUSBAND, and I noticed some quick differences.

The JJ Collar necklace was wider, and shinier. The other collar necklace looked 'dull' and was not as wide. But for a while I was wearing the collar necklace from the other company like it was the best thing since sliced bread.

At the end of the day, it's all about your personal taste and preference. But most people want the best bang for their buck, and love bargains. Oh yeah...what you see in our catalog is not even all of the jewelry. We have sooo much not even listed, that if you saw it, you'd be placing orders faster than the girl at a McDonald's drive thru!

So no, our prices are cheap/affordable, but the quality...far from it.